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Shelter, food, and clothing are your basic needs. Do you think your salary as a regular employee or OFW would be enough to reach your dreams?!? To help you understand the table above, the 1st Column are the Months from January to December.

After 40 years, he just earned Php4M. Thus, earn Php6,Php12, extra income as addition to your monthly paychecks with no effort. Mobile phones is undeniably an "expense generating gadget" of which large telecommunication companies get the lion's share. It is one of the time-tested and proven features of the mobile commerce platform developed by the vmobile philippines loadxtreme business presentation and present technical development team of VMobile.

The company will only pay you Php, Once you have all the needed information,you can start inviting your friends wherever you are in the world.


After verification, proceed to the Cashier and pay P Even with a slow business movement, having only three 3 recruited retailers in a month, you can still earn as big as P44, in 6 months if each of your three retailers sign-up another three retailers and them replicating likewise.

The business is not yet saturated. Unlike other products, e-loading needs no or less introduction. Multiple subscriptions are allowed up to a maximum of three 3.

You will be able to enjoy discount on something that you are actually using on a daily basis. A proof that they are a stable and well managed company.

VMobile is proud to become a part of this corporation. But did you know that Penta Capital is responsible for financing the major projects of these companies? Retail — Selling of discounted loadsHow to Earn as Technopreneur 1.

The product's target market ranges from children, students, businessmen to farmers, old folks, merchants-- simply from all walks of life. This is where you check, manage, and cash-out your endorsement. You may replenish your load wallet through the local VMobile offices or through depositing at the banks shown above.

This is a sample page of the online account you will have as a dealer. This is the only business that would require you to sell without even selling your product. Access Card Sign Up.

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You may replenish your LX loads by purchasing load wallet credits from your Dealer or depositing payments to VMobile accredited banks or bills payment facilities where available. In fact, they are some of the biggest companies here in the Philippines. Deposit to VMobile Accounts e-wallet fund will be credited the next banking day 2.

And the cycle continues up to the 7 Month. We are only given 2 Teams: Make sure you fully understand how this business works, Otherwise, send us an email and we will be grateful to help you. I Return of Investment in just 1 Day.

Can I get a replacement? You got registered in the System. The Scenario said that you are only to endorse 2 people. Because your referred them, you will earn Php each for the Direct Sales Incentive. The business is not yet saturated.LoadXtreme Sytem.


4. THE MOST IN DEMAND BUSINESS IN THE PHILIPPINES! if interested contact Tin @ email: [email protected] Robinson’s Galleria (Mall) Corporate Center, Ortigas vmobile presentation; vmobile business; About Me.

Tinnie View my complete profile. VMobile Technologies Inc. (VMobile) was established in April as the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Companies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects.

The first Universal Loading Business in the Philippines. Vmobile Presentation Video. Reactions. Nov 10,  · Hi Good am i would like to introduce to you the only MLM loading business in the Philippines.

Vmobile Technologies.Inc

in this business the most easiest product to sell. People invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account; Click! Vmobile - LoadXtreme. No description by Marie Bwc on 5 November Tweet Report abuse.

VMobile Technologies Inc.

More presentations by Marie Bwc Copy of Vmobile - LoadXtreme/Marie Bwc. Copy of Copy of Vmobile - LoadXtreme. Popular presentations. the vmobile mega blow out at sm megamall yesterday was a blast!!!

lots of people are now experiencing the vmobile business- which gives savings on prepaid load.

Vmobile philippines loadxtreme business presentation
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