The unprecedented changes to the muslim world brought about by the arab spring in tunisia in 2010

Rather than explicitly attacking a Western hot spot, this attack was aimed at the government. A comparison of the various forms of democratic participation may be a useful tool for building a picture of the precarious situation of the different countries in the region and for identifying positive practices to be emulated and, if necessary, applied in different contexts.

There was no indication that the government investigated either case. First, the security situation became dire as both states experienced a wave of politically motivated kidnappings and assassinations and attacks on vital infrastructure and as jihadi groups established themselves as permanent fixtures in rural areas of Yemen and urban areas of Libya.

It was sparked by the first protests that occurred in Tunisia on 18 December in Sidi Bouzid, following Mohamed Bouazizi 's self-immolation in protest of police corruption and ill treatment. The most immediate consequence is three civil wars that have spawned horrendous human costs, destabilized the regions around them, and proven to be training grounds for large numbers of jihadists.

The demonstrations prompted the intervention of a Saudi and Emirate military force to put down the demonstrations. Mohammed Bouazizi sets himself on fire outside a local government office in an act of protest after being arrested by police for not having a permit to run a vegetable stall.

With no academic or governmental experience, Mubarak implemented emergency rule throughout his 30 years in office, not appointing a vice president until he was pressured to resign. In Tunisia two assassinations of opposition leaders sparked general strikes and mass protests and led to the intervention of the UGTT and its allies in an effort to effect a national dialogue.

Egyptian revolution of 2011

In addition, the ongoing civil war in Yemen can also be traced to the Arab Spring. Timeline of the Arab Spring Events leading up to the Arab Spring[ edit ] Tunisia experienced a series of conflicts during the three years leading up to the Arab Spring, the most notable occurring in the mining area of Gafsa inwhere protests continued for many months.

Video footage of his death was seen by millions online. As for blasphemy, there is no law in Tunisia explicitly criminalizing contempt of the sacred. The plight of the Bahraini people was dramatically portrayed in the documentary Shouting in the Darkwhich was released in The jihadist in the video points out how much easier an attack of this nature would be to execute in North Africa than in a European city.

Violence against Sahrawis in the aftermath of the protests was cited as a reason for renewed protests months later, after the start of the Arab Spring. The first sign along the road to Mubarak was the war between Egypt and Israel.

A suicide bomber targeted the Tunisian presidential guard, killing Participants will analyse the elements that have made its transition to democracy one of a kind. The power vacuum this leaves can be volatile—and violent, as it was in Libya.

These two attacks were clearly aimed at the Western culture that runs throughout these Muslim-majority countries.What is the Arab Spring?

- Refers to the democratic uprisings that arose independently and spread across the Arab world in - The movement originated in Tunisia in December and quickly took hold in surrounding countries such as: Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

The Arab Spring had begun.

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The series of revolutions that marked the Arab world toppled dictators and transformed the map of the region, inspiring hope for permanent change in the Middle East. This guide lists online and print sources for what has become known as the "Arab Spring," the popular revolutionary wave in the Middle East and North Africa that started in December World Affairs; The Country That Started The Arab Spring Is At It Again.

whose self-immolation in sparked the protests in Tunisia that toppled Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali and led to the Arab.

Arab Spring

During the first and forgotten Arab Spring ofAlgeria repeatedly came up in my interviews with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt and Jordan. Perhaps over-learning the lessons of the past.

The Arab Spring began in late in response to oppressive regimes and a low standard of living, beginning with protests in Tunisia (Noueihed, ; Maleki, ).

In the news, social media have been heralded as the driving force behind the swift spread of revolution throughout the world, as new protests appear in response to success stories shared from those taking place in other countries.

The unprecedented changes to the muslim world brought about by the arab spring in tunisia in 2010
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