The prospective memory pm tasks in air traffic controllers


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Prospective memory in an air traffic control simulation: External aids that signal when to act

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Minimizing the Disruptive Effects of Prospective Memory in Simulated Air Traffic Control

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Keywords: prospective memory, task interference, attention, air traffic control, habit capture In our everyday lives we often need to defer intended actions until a later time when conditions for.

Failures of prospective memory can occur in air traffic control. For this study, three conditions of participants performed an air traffic control task that required them to accept and hand off aircraft and to prevent conflicts.

whereby regularities in airspace structure and standard traffic flows allow controllers to anticipate the. gramming specific scenarios in which the controllers would control air traffic; and 2) developing measure-ment tools for evaluating controller performance.

Method Scenario Development tant tasks from the task-based job analysis (see Nichels, Bobko, Blair, Sands, & Tartak, ).

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The prospective memory pm tasks in air traffic controllers
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